Business reignition

We assess your innovation initiatives and startups in porfolio and help get them back on the path to growth.

For who

Established businesses needing a refresh or pivot in a project-based initiative

What impact can you expect?

Renewed business growth in the targeted market

What makes us different

Focused approach on revitalizing and evolving your business model

Business reignition - Give to your innovation initiatives and startups in porfolio a fresh restart

Your startups and innovation projects are struggling? We factually assess and revitalize them.

In recent years, companies have heavily invested in innovation—launching new products, creating unique business models, and acquiring promising startups.

However, attempts at innovation often fall short of expectations, for a multitude of reasons:

❌ Not the right business models

❌ Not the right value proposition

❌ Not the right team, people and competencies

❌ Not the right go to market

❌ Not the right technology

❌ Not clear governance, milestones, KPIs, incentive system

Here some insightful illustrations:

⚠️ A Swiss watchmaker enters the smart tech realm but misjudges its target audience, leading to misaligned marketing and product features.

⚠️ A Zurich-based financial startup introduces a groundbreaking platform but struggles with its business model alignment, resulting in an unclear revenue stream and value delivery.

⚠️ A renowned Swiss company acquires an emerging biotech startup. However, due to unclear governance and lack of defined KPIs post-acquisition, the venture faces stagnation and team demotivation.

⚠️ A Geneva tech firm debuts an AI-driven educational tool. Still, with an inadequate go-to-market strategy and unclear value proposition, it faces difficulty gaining traction in schools.

⚠️ A traditional Swiss bank launches a digital initiative targeting millennials. But without proper team competency alignment and tech integration, the platform faces frequent downtimes and usability issues.

The good news is that we have developed a deep expertise in the innovation process and we can rewire innovation projects and startups according to your objectives.

We will do a rigorous and objective evaluation of your innovation projects and startups, identifying areas of strength and those that need to be enhanced. For this, we will assess five main areas:

This assessment phase deliver results in 3 weeks.

At Fusion Partners, we uniquely focus on building new ventures and helping innovation projects take off. We are your best partner to revitalize your innovation projects.

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