We select and integrate cutting-edge AI solutions to boost your business efficiency.

For who

All businesses aiming to integrate AI into their operations. 40% of businesses risk falling behind due to outdated automation technologies & absence of AI integration in their daily business

What impact can you expect?

Improved efficiency, decision-making, and a competitive edge with AI

What makes us different

Identification of “quick-wins” to easily start to integrate AI in you daily activities in few weeks

Transform Your Business and embrace the Future of Automation

Process inefficiencies

This inefficiencie is due to outdated technology and inefficient processes.

The low productivity frustrates employees and employer.

The solution

The solution is to eliminate hours of manual work with our intelligent automation, turning complex and painful tasks into simple and automated workflows.

Low use of data driven decision making

Average of $15 million per year lost per companies due to poor decision-making, based on low data quality  (A 2018 Gartner).

The solution

The solution is that we rely on AI to gather, analyze and support decision making.

Here is one example:

Our Plug and Play process

What are our tools?

Using our tools—company data, large language models like GPT and Mistral, and automation tools such as Make and Zapier—we leverage no-code or low-code platforms to develop functional internal applications.

The challenges

Key challenge is ensuring data privacy for sensitive content, without exposing it to third-party AI services.

A solution involving graph databases and GPT agents generating GraphQL queries has been employed.

This method allows for insights to be gleaned from sensitive data without directly sharing the data with an LLM.

Another significant issue is the tendency of LLMs to produce "hallucinations" or generate inaccurate content on subjects they have little knowledge about.

To mitigate AI hallucinations, multiple AI techniques are utilized along with GraphQL, a well-documented query language familiar to most GPT models.

The approach involves transforming DEX into a graph representation stored in a Neo4j database, with a GPT agent responding to requests in natural language.

This method ensures privacy and reduces hallucinations while enhancing query accuracy and consistency.


Property management firm saw a 40% decrease in time to relet a property and screen potential tenant profiles.

Consulting company saved c.20 hours per week by automating part of the sales funnel (lead generation and outreach)

Real estate firm improved customer satisfaction by 50% through automated customer support (instant chat based)

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