Innovation strategy

We shape together distinctive innovation strategies, to accelerate your growth and strengthen your competitiveness: assessing and enhancing your innovation “engine”, prioritizing and driving innovation projects, developing your ecosystem

For who

Companies who seek to improve their innovation engine, shape a clear vision of their future business, accelerate growth, test and scale innovative offers and business models

What impact can you expect?

An aligned vision for the future, a reinforced innovation engine, a solid portfolio of innovation projects and a clear roadmap to deliver them, a stronger ecosystem of innovative partners

What makes us different

A unique expertise combining strategic perspective and entrepreneurship, to set visionary directions and make things happen, better and faster than anybody else

The innovation problem

Companies and organizations often straggle to innovate and deliver substantial and lasting impact. Why?

Unclear objectives

  • Innovation opportunities are missed & projects are just keeping up with competition
  • Is the project roadmap clear and detailed enough?

Inefficient process

  • Despite high budgets, projects get behind schedule
  • Can teams allocate enough time to innovation on top of their daily work?

Disappointing innovation output

  • Many initiatives are initiated but few are converted into real & successful projects
  • Is there a recurring blocking point occurring during the innovation journey, such as development or operational implementation?

Poor innovation effort assessment

  • The innovation results are difficult to monitor and promote among the teams
  • Are current key performance indicators appropriate and specific?

The solution: an innovation audit

We will dive into your innovation engine and provide a truthful and No Bullshit diagnostic with actionable recommendations

Know precisely where you stand…

Our assessment is based on a benchmark of international and Swiss players.

… and build the plan to catch-up!

Based on the assessment performed, we will make precise recommendations on each stream.

A simple process

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