Business Case

The importance of corporate wellness

Exploring the opportunity to implement an online platform for corporate wellness

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Project Overview

Our client, a major player in the reinsurance of pension funds in Switzerland, is trying to prevent the risks of long-term absences and illnesses at work. For this reason, it has created a company specialized in corporate health management. The latter aims to increase its digital offer by proposing a platform to its customers.

Project Execution

After reviewing customer expectations and competitor initiatives, we identified opportunities for digitalization to expand the existing corporate wellness offering and streamline the customer journey. The creation of a platform will not only raises awareness of corporate wellness and thus attract new customers, but also provides autonomous access to content and exercises at any time. This shift in the value proposition will result in better progress tracking.


  • Assessment of underlying trends affecting the Corporate wellness sector in Switzerland
  • Definition of personas and needs, and design of customer journeys
  • Conception of value proposition and corresponding prototype, including platform features
  • In-market test to gauge interest and refine proposition
  • Launched client-facing platform with two new coprorate wellness activities

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