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Innovate in rental management

Launch of startup in the property management sector

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Project Overview

Our client, a major property management in Switzerland (residential and commercial) is willing to anticipate the impact of digitization on its current practices. Indeed, new digital-native players are radically transforming the way of working of historical players in this market, disrupting the business model of traditional property managers.

Project Execution

After carrying out a detailed assessment of the value chain elements that will be affected by the digitization, we proposed to launch a startup on behalf of our client to anticipate this disruption. This 100% digital property manager startup aims to produce large cost reductions for our client by digitizing very manual processes. It could also generate additional revenues through the sale of this solution (SaaS) to other property management companies in Switzerland and abroad.


  • Assessment of the underlying trends affecting the property management sector in Switzerland and in certain key markets
  • Scouting of innovative solutions and identification of all startups in the ecosystem in Switzerland and in certain key markets
  • Determination of strategic options (startup acquisition, minority stake investment, acquisition of an innovative solution, launch of a standalone company)
  • Financial plan modelling
  • Recruitment of the first key employees (CEO, product owner, property manager)
  • Partnership with startups in the property management sector to build the MVP (a property management and an incident management solutions
  • Launch of the MVP
  • 700 units added and successfully managed

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