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Our team members have built ventures in Switzerland in different sectors such as fintech, proptech, insurtech and much more!

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Crossing the chasm from invention to innovation

Ranked the 20th world largest economy, Switzerland is recognized as one of the most fertile grounds for innovation and the first in class for the 10th consecutive year in the Global Innovation Index. Our country hosts some of the best academics and research centers worldwide that produce an impressive number of inventions every year. Its central position in Europe and its historical mix of cultures make it a global market by design. This unique context, along with one of the highest VC investment rates per capita, makes it an exceptional land to build global digital champions.

Yet, still a limited number of Swiss startups make it to scale-ups at a global level or even nationwide. And too many inventions remain on the shelf, unused. Long story short: Switzerland does not lead the way when it comes to new usages and business models.

Unleashing Swiss entrepreneurial spirit  


Too often, Swiss leaders lack the entrepreneurial self-confidence, the “make it happen” spirit that nudges them to think big and go far. Moreover, our historical taste for stability hinders our hungriness for change. 


If incumbents create value from the past, we believe most of tomorrow’s value is yet to be invented. How so? By observing customers, revealing and meeting their expectations. By taking ideas out of the lab and turning them into businesses. By setting new standards. By going fast but incrementally.


The cost of starting a venture is still too high in Switzerland. Our mission is to lower this entry fee by providing entrepreneurs with the missing ladder to entrepreneurship. We act for the rise of Swiss builders.

Harvesting our land of innovation

If success cannot be guaranteed, it can be greatly enhanced with the right ingredients brought together. Like careful gardeners, our team of entrepreneurs, VCs, and strategy consultants provide:

  • Good seeds: identified pains, qualified market opportunities, and successful business models
  • Gardening skills: the “builder” know-how from previous entrepreneurship experiences
  • Favorable weather conditions: dominant market access through our pool of clients 
  • Fertilizer: a good salary package and funding until the venture meets product-market fit
  • Bountiful harvest: the right equity rewards 

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