Our Team

The team behind Fusion Partners

We are a unique blend of tech entrepreneurs, venture-capitalists, innovation strategy professionals and industry experts. Each one of us brings complementary know-how across Fusion Partners’ different activities and sectors.

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Our Values

Client & Impact-focus

Our Clients' and Startups’ success is our priority. Therefore, we are committed to bringing their interest ahead of ours by building and fighting for their growth and their future, while reaching for a long-lasting sustainable impact.


We think like entrepreneurs do. We use our passion for innovation, our sense of curiosity and our creativity to nurture an out-of-the-box thinking. We grow because we aren’t afraid to tackle big challenges and create opportunities where others see issues.


We go the extra mile to achieve excellence in everything we undertake. We are grateful for our team’s unique blend of skills and for the high quality of their work. We are constantly searching and learning to improve what we do, by cultivating each and everyone’s critical thinking, and valuing the collective power of teamwork.

Integrity & Trust

We believe that integrity is the greatness in our work. In order to build a long-lasting relationship with the members of our ecosystem, we consistently observe high responsible and ethical standards, established on honesty and transparency. Likewise, we preserve their confidence thanks to our reliability and independent perspective.


We value our employees’ diversity of talents, perspectives and backgrounds, as well as are fortunate for their contribution to our company’s success. As a team, we appreciate giving and receiving feedback. We are helpful, open, caring, and treat one-another with the respect we each deserve.