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Fusion Partners and Polytech Ventures Holding raise CHF11m to develop the largest independent swiss startup studio: WeBuild

WeBuild ventures

Fusion Partners and Polytech Ventures Holding raise CHF11m to develop the largest independent swiss startup studio: WeBuild Ventures

Polytech Ventures Holding, a Swiss investment company, and Fusion Partners, the leading corporate venturing organisation in French-speaking Switzerland, have raised CHF 11 million to build the next generation of Swiss startups in the real estate, mobility, financial services and insurance sectors.

Major names from the Swiss investment and banking community participated in this exceptional round of financing, which allows Polytech Ventures and Fusion Partners to further accelerate their pace of new start-up creation.

With a strong track record in venture building, Fusion Partners will be the operational arm of the scheme, providing startups with intense operational support, execution power, a network of exceptional contacts and dedicated infrastructure.

“This is both a recognition of our model's performance and of the dynamism of innovation in Switzerland, which still has a lot to offer," emphasises Guillaume Dubray. “More and more deals are carried out in Switzerland by the largest American venture capital funds. WeBuild Ventures, our startup studio, offers Swiss entrepreneurs a unique support to help innovation champions emerge. Over the last 15 years I have seen many potential entrepreneurs miss out for the wrong reasons: the WeBuild model removes the last obstacles to entrepreneurial ambition. There is no longer any reason why you shouldn't take the plunge and conquer Switzerland.”

In terms of governance, Alain Nicod and Sébastien Lamunière have joined the board of directors of WeBuild Ventures, alongside its founder and CEO Guillaume Dubray.

"In this favourable context for creation, the WeBuild model brings together all the ingredients needed to develop great Swiss scale-ups and help entrepreneurial aspirations come to life", shares Alain Nicod.

About Fusion Partners

Founded in 2015, Fusion Partners helps large Swiss companies innovate, either by collaborating with startups or by creating new businesses from scratch. The initiatives implemented in this way are levers for building innovative services and products, testing new business models, stimulating growth and accelerating diversification.


About Polytech Ventures Holding

Polytech Ventures Holding (PVH) is a Swiss entrepreneurial investment company. PVH has two main activities; venture capital investment in young technology start-ups and venture building. PVH is mainly active in the digital transformation of various sectors, with a particular focus on real estate, banking, insurance, healthcare and e-commerce.