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Fusion's Insights - 2022/05/02

Switzerland, investment and blockchain, new unicorn in Switzerland, battery passport and metaverse

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What’s on this week 🚀


Switzerland as a Sustainability, Blockchain and Fintech Hub

The latest data from Switzerland's Department of Finance underscores the growing importance of blockchain and fintech for the country's financial sector. At the same time, sustainable investments are high on the agenda in Switzerland, the two seemingly at odds with each other.

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Geneva-based SonarSource enters unicorn club

SonarSource, the leading platform for clean code, has raised $412 million from new and existing investors, at a valuation of $4.7 billion. The investment will be used to grow its go-to-market team globally as the company drives toward $1 billion in revenue.

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Germany announces world-first “Battery Passport” project

Germany has announced today a three-year project aimed at creating a full battery passport, bringing together industry, academia and startups to try to solve one of the more pressing issues of our time.

The effort would develop standardised digital identities for batteries that would include information on things like battery lifecycles and components, which could make it easier to recycle expensive materials inside batteries. As part of the initiative, 11 companies and academic institutions have received a combined €8.2m to work on such a system.

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Technologies and actors of the metaverse

Within the nascent metaverse ecosystem, Meta, Microsoft or Nvidia represent only the tip of the iceberg. Many technological layers are involved and constitute the offering of diverse players, both start-ups and established vendors. Here's an overview.

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