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Fusion's Insights - 2022/03/18

Legalisation of crypto in Ukraine, Banks and Gen Z, Funding of DoctoLib, e-signature

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What’s on this week 🚀


Ukraine's Zelenskyy Signs Virtual Assets Bill Into Law, Legalizing Crypto

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy legalized crypto in the country, signing into law a bill on virtual assets, amid a frenzy of digital asset donations to support the country's defense against a Russian invasion.The law determines the legal status, classification, ownership and regulators of virtual assets, as well as setting registration requirements for crypto services providers

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What does Gen Z really want from a bank? We asked them

Gen Z, or the generation that currently spans from nine to 24 years old, has an enormous spending power of over $140bn — and that’s only growing as more and more Gen Zers enter the workforce.Because of this, fintechs and neobanks are rolling out offerings catering specifically to younger customers, like shiny cards, ‘fin-influencers’ and messenger-based banking.

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Doctolib raises 500 million euros and aims to create 3,500 jobs

French unicorn Doctolib, a medical appointment scheduling platform and teleconsultation specialist, has just raised €500 million. It is now the most valuable unlisted French tech company, valued at nearly 6 billion euros.

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One less hurdle for e-signatures

Online identification for electronic signing is not new: For financial service providers, online identification has already been permitted for some time. Now this regulation also applies to all other sectors. E-signature provider Skribble has already launched a suitable offering together with Swisscom Trust Services and Intrum.

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