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Alessandro Magrì

Partner and CEO

Entrepreneur in high-tech and seasoned management consultant (McKinsey and other niche consulting)


Alessandro Magrì

Alessandro is Partner and CEO at Fusion Partners. He plays a key role in helping our clients make impactful progresses in their innovation journey, by designing and building new ventures.

Alessandro has a 20+ year experience as an entrepreneur in high-tech and as a strategy consultant, at McKinsey & Co, Open Web Technology (now Swisscom Digital) and other niche consulting firms. His track record working at C-level includes multiple initiatives to drive growth and disruptive innovation, both in startups and in leading companies across multiple industries.

Alessandro holds a double master’s degree in Engineering and Management from Ecole Centrale Paris and Politecnico di Milano. He’s fluent in French, English and Italian, and speaks also German and Spanish.