Head of Property Management Lab

Job offer

Mission: Design and implement the property management of the future, through radical innovation and new technology-driven business models.

Language: Fluent in English and German. French and Swiss German a plus
Experience: + 10 years

As part of its venture building activities, Fusion Partners is looking for the Head of its future Property Management Lab.


Fusion Partners provides corporate venture services to leading organizations. Corporate Venturing is about setting up structural collaborations with existing external ventures and/or building new internal ventures, to drive innovation, growth and profitability.

We sit at the intersection of industry-leading corporations, innovative startups, and a global network of experts and entrepreneurial support organizations. This unique ecosystem gives us access to high potential ventures and deep insights into the technological and business model trends impacting corporations.

We are currently launching an internal Lab, fully dedicated to designing and progressively implementing the property management of the future, through radical innovation and new technology-driven business models.


As the Head of this Property Management Lab, you will:

Develop the vision, architecture and roadmap for the future of property management

– Identify pain points and needs within the real estate and property management industries.
– Review existing innovative business models and assess how they can address current gaps identified.
– Define the target user journeys and technology architecture of the future of property management.
– Translate this architecture into strategic building blocks needed. For each building block, define whether a “make” or “buy” option is more suitable.
– Define the roadmap (2-to-3-year horizon) and the business plan to ensure feasibility and lay out implementation steps.

Organize and lead the implementation of this roadmap

– Organize and coordinate the internal development of selected building blocks (“make” option).
– Adopt an agile methodology to systematically test and learn from initial pilots and MVPs.
– Identify potential 3rd party solution providers for external building blocks (“buy” option). Assess, shortlist, and select 3rd party solution providers.
– Set up and manage partnerships with selected providers.
– Assess the potential for investment in strategic partners. Lead the due diligence and investment process for selected targets
– Overall, manage the PM Lab team, including developers and business development staff.

Key experience and skills required

Significant experience in innovation management (e.g. previous Head of Lab or Head of Innovation Department position in a corporate organization)

• Possess strong knowledge of the proptech landscape and solutions, as well as in-depth understanding of data-driven models.

• Strong entrepreneurial experience with a “can do” attitude, having either launched a startup or worked in one.

• Outside the box thinking, able to identify opportunities where others do not.

• Fluent in English and German. French and Swiss German a plus

Solid skills in project management and execution.

Rigorous and detail-oriented, addicted to meeting deadlines.

Able to manage multiple workstreams simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.

Able to build trusted relationships quickly and seamlessly, with colleagues and stakeholders alike.


Are you passionate about what you do? Would you like to drive yourself forward, and see the tangible impact you create? Then join us!

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